Bahamas Activites

The moment you get to Coakley House you are going to not only be excited and thrilled to see what it is like to make this magnificent house your home away from home for the duration of your vacation, but you and your guests are going to be awestruck by all of the activities and entertainment that is on and surrounds the Fresh Creek, Andros Island area.

There are a variety of sites to see and experiences to have and it is our goal to provide you the information and resources while you are staying at Coakley House so there is never a dull moment. The Bahamas Hosts a variety of activities that vary from diving excursions and ECO tours to indulging in shopping and restaurants on Paradise Island. Whatever your interest, Coakley House is in a prime location for you to take advantage of it all!

First, there are several great places to visit right in the Fresh Creek area, including the ANDROSIA FACTORY

242-368-2020 or 242-2080

It is at the Androsia Factory that you will be able to see and experience batik fabric making. The factory produces a variety of clothes for men, women and children and you will see the colors of the Bahamas captured in the fabric they produce at this amazing factory.

Feel free to call ahead and ask for Mr. Martin. He is familiar working with guests of Coakley House and if you have a group of five or more, he may be able to arrange a class in batik fabric making. Not only will you leave with an education in this Bahamian industry, but you will also leave with a great souvenir!

Next, is the ANDROS LIGHTHOUSE YACHT CLUB AND MARINA and you will not have to journey far to tour and experience this incredible historical site. Located directly across from Coakley House, is the Andros Lighthouse and Marina which is marked by its namesake, a 107 year old lighthouse. This facility is able to arrange a variety of diving excursions and ECO tours as well nightlife and dining. The Andros Lighthouse Yacht Club and Marina is known for its good food and tropical drinks and will provide a great atmosphere for any traveler.

242-368-2305 fax 242-368-2300

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are available.


Paradise Island, Nassau Bahamas

For private plane charter at reasonable rates, please contact Glen at 242-471-1860 or 242-471-0325.


Call Hank at Hank’s Place 242-357-2214 one day in advance. If you are interested in sailboat excursions call Leslie at the Forfar Station 242-368-6129


Small Hope offers 2 different guided Eco Trips, one to visit the intriguing North Andros area. This is a half day trip. The second eco trip visits 3 of the different types of blue holes in our area. Arrangements for diving excursions should be made no later than the night before.

Forfar offers diving excursions, guided sailboat rentals for the day or even overnight excursions as well as eco friendly land excursions. They are able to pick you up at the house for your convenience.

Fly fishing the flats


Paradise Creek Resort is a small family owned ecotourism facility located in the "arm of Fresh Creek" on the beautiful Island of Andros in The Bahamas. k.


Contact "Bonefish" Bradley at 357-2242 or 368-4318. Bradley also offers hunting and overnight camping excursions.

Calvin Bowe: for bonefishing and overnight camping excursions.

Thomas Kee: 242-464-3026 for bonefishing and 2 night camp/fishing package.