What kind of fishing is available?

Andros is considered the Bonefish capital of the world, not to mention great reef and deep sea fishing. See our "FISHING" page

Can I hire a guide?

Yes, please contact us  for the type of fishing you would like to do.

Do I need to bring fishing equipment?

Yes, we do not supply fishing or diving equipment

Do you have bugs?

We are a tropical island. Because we are located on the windward side of the island with full exposure to the sea breezes, our "bug problem" is minimal. The best defense when the wind dies down is a repellent--anything from Cutter's to Avon Skin-so-Soft works. Or step inside until the breeze picks up again.

How do I get to Andros?

Click HERE and view our "Getting There" page

What type of weather can I expect?

The northern Bahamas remain quite temperate year-round--most of the days are like perfect spring and summer days. Winter weather sometimes can bring a "blow" from the north--which can make for choppy seas. Daytime temperatures can drop to the low 70s. Summer can usually be marked by a short afternoon shower somewhere--not necessarily over us! The average summer temperature is 88, with long days and comfortable nights. For a more accurate temperature and rainfall, information Click Here : (NASSAU WEATHER courtesy of Intellicast.com (Fresh Creek, Andros is 26 nautical miles from Nassau).

Can I buy all our food supplies on the island, or do we bring items with us?

There is a food store in town; however, they are not like our big grocery stores here at home. They usually have a fresh supply of vegetables and some fruit and dairy products and frozen meats. Mostly they carry dry goods. Please contact us directly for a more detailed list of food items we recommend bringing over with you. There are services available to order food from Nassau and have groceries delivered to the island. Contact us for further details.

Do you have a chef available to cook for us?

Yes, with a two week notice, we can set this up for you. Inquire about rates.

Do you provide a grocery shopping service?

Yes, you can send us a list of grocery items that you would like two weeks before you arrive. We will have the food upon your arrival.

What kind of electricity do you use?

Electric is the same as North America -- 110/120 volts.

What should I bring on my vacation?

Bathing suits, beach cover-ups, shorts, cotton slacks, T-shirts, flip-flops, sunscreen, and bug repellant if you want to. A sweater, sweatshirt, or windbreaker in the winter is a good idea. You should bring shampoo and any other personal toiletries. All rooms have beach and bath towels and blow dryers.

Can I drink the tap water?

We provide five-gallon water in a jug dispenser and recommend that you use that for drinking.

Is there any nightlife?

There are no nightclubs or casinos, but you can see great star shows, and swim or skinny dip from our small private beach.

Is there any place I can rent a boat?

Please inquire about a boat rental with us and we can set it up for you.

Are there any rental cars on the island?

Yes--a couple. Visit our Getting Here page for more info.

Is there anything else to see on the island?

Andros is very undeveloped, which means there are acres and acres of bush, undeveloped pine forests, and significant distances between villages. If you want to see more of the island, there are several ways to do it:

By car: From Fresh Creek, the most exciting tour would be to head north up to Nicholstown, passing farms, blue holes, and Andros Pine forests along the way. Allow a minimum of 3 hours--4 if you go over to the west side and Red Bays.

By bike or by foot: Discover Fresh Creeks village streets to get an idea of local "town" life, or bike to the Androsia Batik Factory and Lighthouse Club Marina. Weekends are more lively.

Is there anything to buy on the island?

The Androsia Factory is just three miles away. Androsia is the batik island clothing and fabric store. You can explore the factory and watch them make the batik fabric, and shop at the outlet store for some great deals. Androsia is located in Fresh Creek and has been in business since 1973. Andros is also known for its straw baskets and wood carvings from Red Bays.. A excursion to Red Bays is a worthwhile trip.

What kind of money do you use?

We use Bahamian dollars, which are on par with the US dollar and used interchangeably. If you have US dollars, there is no need to change money. Credit cards are accepted at very few if any restaurants or stores. The closest ATM is a 40 min drive. There are safes in each master suite. We recommend bringing cash to pay for meals and excursions.

What is the water temperature? Do I need a wet suit?

Between Fall & Spring, a wet suit is recommended.

Do you supply fishing or dive gear?


How many people does the house sleep?

8 Adults, 2 Kids

Do you have kayaks?

Yes, we have kayaks for use.

Do you have snorkel masks?

Yes, we have 2

Is maid service available?

Yes arrangements can be made for maid service for a modest charge

Is there electricity on the dock?

We have 110 volts, freshwater, and the best fish cleaning station on the island. To dock your boat, we charge $50/night.

What size boat fits your dock?

Up to 36', there is a 3 ft draft at low tide.

Is there gas close by for filling up?

You can gas at the dock at Cargil creek down south from the Coakley House. You have to go at high tide.

Is there AC?

Yes, we have central air throughout the house; we charge a nightly fee for use.

Do you allow pets?