Getting Here


As wonderfully exotic as Andros Island and the Bahamas are, anyone who is considering a visit to Coakley House needs to know that getting here is neither complicated or involved. The trip is a lot shorter than you think. Coakley House is located four, short miles from the AndrosTown 1ASD) airport.

You will want to arrange to travel here early. Please note that the Andros Town airport does not allow flights to land after dark, so if you are planning on getting to Nassau late, you will have to arrange a hotel for the evening. There is a taxi service if you are not renting a car.


You can take LeAir or Western Air from Nassau, which are commercial airlines, or you can book a charter  flight. Please note LeAir Flies into Fresh Creek (10 min from house) and WesternAir flies to San Andros (40 min from house).

Charter Options:​ You have to take a 2 min cab ride to General Aviation which is about $20

Coming from Nassau

Western Air

Randolph Holdings:
Tel: +1-242-368-2922
Sheldon Cell: +1-242-477-1335

Dove Wing Charters:
Ed Hannah 242-359-0406

Alec Blackwell:242-357-2252

Air Charter Services:​ 242-471-6665

Fort Lauderdale

Tel: +1-954-771-0330

Air Flight Charters:
Tel: +1-954-359-0320

Car Rental Options:​ There are two rental car options at the Andros Town Airport. We recommend renting a car because there are a lot of things to go see on the island that requires driving.

Bonefish Bradley Car Rentals:
​​[email protected], 242-357-2242

Shorrs Car Rental​: ​
[email protected]​, 242-357-2510

Bird Guide and Nature Tours:

Dave Neymour, AllNature Tours
242-471-6337, 242-803-9869, [email protected]