The Coakley House, Heaven on Earth. Paradise.

From the moment you wake up to the glorious sunrise just outside your ocean-view bedroom window, to the time you’re ready to kick-off your sandals and lounge on the terrace, sipping the refreshment of your choice and nibbling some local fare – conch salad or fresh tuna, and witness the equally breathtaking sunset, you will have spent a day in Paradise.

Or you may choose to cast-off before dawn and watch the sunrise from the bow of the boat in route to a Caribbean teaming with sport-fish like Tuna, Mahi –Mahi, Yellowtail, Jacks, Rainbow Runners, Barracuda, Bonefish, and the list goes on, with Donny, a local Bahamian on the Coakley House staff, as your experienced and able guide.

Within this space of time, sunrise to sunset, there are a wealth of heavenly activities from which to choose. For the younger kids, there’s a sheltered beach for playing and wading. And, whether you’re a sun-lover or shade-seeker, whether you fish, snorkel, SCUBA, take a drive across the island to the “Blue Hole” for freshwater diving and swimming, or indulge yourself with a good book and lounge on the shaded terrace, there’s something for everyone.

We can’t wait to go back!

- Ed & Kim Eckman

What can we say about the Coakley House.From our arrival to our departure,we where under,around,and surrounded by the beautiful Bahamian water! Coakley House has it all!A small beach,for little kids,an area inside the magnificent docks for all to swim and jump& enjoy. A walled in 3 acre area to call your own.The small village(theBahamians are so pleasant) has a grocery store liqueur store and other points of interest,all with in walking distance. Donny,the guide on staff has all the local knowledge for day trips to blue holes, scuba diving fishing(bone,bottom,and sport).The reef(which is in clear view)is the 3rd largest in the world!What a fantastic spot for,family,couples,or friends.There is not a more enjoyable spot on earth. We will be back!!!

- Bethany McMahon - Waitsfield,Vermont

My name is Champ Smith and I am an active guide in the Charleston South Carolina area, and have been for 25 years.

I spend on the average about 200 days on the water in Charleston with my clients and friends. When I have time for a vacation, every year Andros has been my bulls eye. Having been down there over 10 times i have learned alot about the area and the many operations that exist there. Don't get me wrong because they are all very good and specialize in certain areas be it the guides, fishing areas, food, accommodations and extracurricular activities. The Coakley House has it all!! The guides pick you up either by boat or by car depending on the weather. There are very good guides that have been fishing all over Andros for many years that will accommodate your desires. Whether it be fishing big schools for the novice or chasing the trophy bone of a lifetime.The guides will cater to your desires whether it be wade fishing on the endless whate flats or fishing out the boat depending on the area that the guide feels is best for the conditions. This aspect of the Coakley house that separates it from the rest is the other lodges don't have the options to fish all the different areas, such as the Jolters, Red Bay, Fresh Creek, Mastic Point just to name a few. To me it is much more comfortable riding in a pickup truck than through the open ocean in a flats boat, then you are within minutes of the flats. The Coakley house also has the option of wade fishing many flats that are within 15 minute drive by car from the house, if you like the serenity of being alone with the schools of bones and all the other flats inhabitants. The food and service at the Coakley house can be catered to your own desires whether it is surf and turf or cracked conch and fresh fish.While you are enjoying your time at the house the extracurricular activities are endless whether you just enjoy hearing the pounding surf while reading your book on the front porch or fishing for the tarpon and jacks of the dock.The Coakley house will become an annual event for the shallow water fishermen.

- Champ Smith - Charleston, SC

5 days at the Coakley House is near Nirvana for a fisherman. Being at the mouth of Fresh Creek and watching the tide ebb and flow is a constant reminder that there are fish nearby waiting for the fly.

- George Lewis - Charleston, SC

December 20, 2010 thru January 3, 2011

Hi Marcie, Our last full day in your beautiful house. We have enjoyed everything about our stay and love your place, obviously a lot of work and care has gone into it. The people we have met here have been wonderful to us, Donny, Zemi and his family are awesome. Thanks again, will send some pics later

- Paul

December 12, 2010

Marcie: Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your beautiful home and how great Maydawn and Donnie were to us while we were there. Within five minutes of our arrival on Sunday Donnie had wheeled and dealed and got us a case of beer when none was for sale that day, and the night before we left gave us about 8#’s of wahoo steaks. He could compete with a lot of comedians with some of his stories and routines. Maydawn cooked us five unbelievable native meals working with Stanley Bair, who used to own Bair Bahamas guest house on South Andros. Bonefish Bradley and all his guides, Donny, David, and Bradley II were terrific. You guys were spot on with your recommendations. We love your place and I would like to reserve it again , come in on Saturday and leave Saturday for December 3-10. Just let me know what you need for a deposit.

Best to you. – John


Hi Marcie, We are settled back in Nova Scotia now after a wonderful family holiday at your lovely vacation home. I can't imagine a better place for a family gathering!! My husband and I, along with our 3 children and their partners (ages 22-30), chose your home for a family reunion and were thrilled with what we experienced. It was so nice to be able to kayak, bike, fish, snorkel, enjoy long stretches of deserted sandy beaches, do long runs and have family meals without any travel. We also explored the island by car a bit and on these excursions we swam in a blue hole, picked grapefruit, visited the Mennonite farm, had Conch salad from a small restaurant on a lovely beach, visited a local bakery, enjoyed freshly roasted peanuts etc. etc. You have really paid attention to the small details in setting up this vacation property and the conveniences provided certainly made this a carefree place to be. We loved the large patio, dining room and family room as these provided places for all 8 of us to hang out. Each bedroom was spacious, comfortable and quiet so we were always well rested for the next day's activities. We found that as the week went by we were getting up earlier and earlier because we had so much exploring to do!! Donnie and Zemi were particularly helpful in checking in with us every day and in ensuring that we were aware of all that the island of Andros offers. We were very comfortable exploring Fresh Creek by foot and found the residents to be very friendly and helpful. We took the ferry back to Nassau and on the way out of Fresh Creek I took a lot of pictures of your paradise. It was a sad moment when the little pink house disappeared from view as we set out on the ocean.

Thanks for providing us with a location for an absolutely perfect family reunion!! Shauna